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Fill out the form on the right for a no obligation evaluation of your claim by a professional SSDI representative. By getting a disability representative to help you with your claim, you increase your chance of being awarded your SSDI benefits quickly and may even increase the benefit amount. Simply fill out the form and a representative will contact you immediately.

We at only work with SSA qualified Social Security Disability representatives and lawyers who do not charge a fee until you win. Beware, there are some lawyers who can and will charge you for time even if you lose your claim. You have a right to a free disability evaluation.

You should strongly consider seeking advice and help from a representative who has done this thousands of times. Again, our representatives do not charge you anything until they win your claim. Plus, they will be sure to fill out all the documents needed, including gathering medical information for your disabling condition, to ensure you get what you are entitled. In the event your claim goes before a judge, our representatives have the knowledge and expertise to see you through. You are never alone.

Disability Application Denied?

Was your application for Social Security Disability denied? You are not alone. With the state of the economy, many people are filing for disability and the Social Security Administration (SSA) is denying them.

There are many reasons why an application is denied. One, there are millions filing for disability due to the lack of jobs which has inundated the system. Second, the budget for SSA has been drastically cut forcing them to look even more closely at applications and the worthiness of them. The current rate of initial denial is above 60%. That means for every 10 applicants, there are over 6 denied.

If you feel you are disabled and have medical evidence to prove that you are, there are other factors which may have contributed to the denial. Many who file on their on find it difficult to know what information is necessary in order for SSA to approve their application. Often times the denial comes from a lack of information, incorrect information given on the application, or not describing the disability fully with medical evidence.

Please be aware, SSA requires an appeal to be filled within 60 days of the date posted on the denial letter. If you delay and file beyond that date, you will have to start from the beginning of the process which will delay your benefits and possibly reduce your benefits.

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